Inspired by actual events, The Iceman follows notorious contract killer Richard Kuklinski (Academy Award(R) nominee Michael Shannon) from his early days in the mob until his arrest for the murder of more than 100 men. Appearing to be living the American dream as a devoted husband and father; in reality Kuklinski was a ruthless killer-for-hire. When finally arrested in 1986, neither his wife nor daughters have any clue about his real profession.

Co-starring Academy Award(R) nominee Winona Ryder (Black Swan) and Chris Evans (Avengers, Captain America), The Iceman is directed by Ariel Vromen (Danika) from a script he wrote with Morgan Land (Rx). Ray Liotta (Goodfellas), David Schwimmer ("Friends"), Robert Davi ("Profiler") and Danny Abeckaser (Alpha Dog) round out the cast. The film features cameo appearances by Stephen Dorff (Public Enemies) and James Franco (127 Hours).

ARIEL VROMEN (Director, Producer, Writer) has been the creative force behind numerous projects and is now making a name for himself as a filmmaker to watch when he wrote, produced and directed his first film, Jewel of the Sahara, starring Gerard Butler, the 17-minute short became a cult classic. Next he produced, wrote and directed his first full-length feature, Rx. Starring Colin Hanks, Eric Balfour and Lauren German, Rx was an official entry at the 2005 AFI Film Festival and has enjoyed a successful run on both Showtime and The Movie Channel.

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